Franciscan Missions

Our founder Saint Francis chose to give up his wealth and become one of the minors (lesser ones). He had a keen awareness of “God’s little ones”—those who are marginalized, oppressed, helpless, or unwanted—and actively reached out to them in loving service.

Franciscans today are called to do no less—to search out the “lesser ones” and strive to live in solidarity with them.

Franciscan Missions can be found in India, South Africa, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Peru. With the grace of God and the generosity of our supporters, we work to:

  1. spread God’s Word by bringing our faith to places where it is unknown and strengthening it where it is known;
  2. fight poverty by improving living conditions through relief work and advocacy;
  3. provide health care by building facilities and bringing medical professionals to disadvantaged communities;
  4. offer education, serving in schools and supporting literacy and vocational training;
  5. promote vocations, encouraging men and women to dedicate their lives to service of the Church.

All revenue generated by The Friar’s Shop supports the crucial work of Franciscan Missions. Thank you for partnering with our friars and for making a difference for God’s children in need!

Where we serve:

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South Africa

Sri Lanka



Support Saint Francis’ mission of service and love. 

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