Since 1938, the Franciscan Friars, T.O.R. have served in India, supporting outreach ministries among the poor and needy.

The crisis in India:

  1. nearly 30% of the population is impoverished—that means over 270 million people live below the poverty line
  2. over 42% of children are underweight (compared to only 0.5% of children in the United States)
  3. of the 50 worldwide cities with the highest population density, 17 of them are in India, leading to overcrowded slums with deplorable living conditions in many urban areas
  4. many rural communities lack basic needs—such as clean water and health care—and do not have access to modern conveniences such as electricity and transportation

Our constant effort in India is to eradicate the poverty and illiteracy of the Indian people. We develop socio-economic empowerment programs, educational ministry, and Works of Mercy for the aged, ill, impoverished, and imprisoned.

From India’s Minister Provincial

We have been so blessed by God and encouraged by the prayers and support of our friends for our Franciscan missions in India. As servants of the people of India, the friars provide education, promote self-sufficiency through a trade or skill, and offer spiritual guidance.

Our vocations have grown, and in turn we have been able to reach out to many more people with the message of hope and love through the Gospel.

As Franciscans, we know that hearing the message of the Gospel changes people’s hearts. The result is a strong foundation for social justice.

Father John Kochuchira, T.O.R.
Minister Provincial of Saint Thomas, India

You can make a difference in India.