Our Franciscan mission work began in Peru in 1961 when friars from a Third Order Regular Province in Spain responded to Pope Saint John XXIII’s call to action.

The crisis in Peru:

  1. poverty has dropped in recent years, but 1 in 4 Peruvians lives below the poverty line; women and minorities are disproportionately affected
  2. rural areas lack safe water, sanitation, health care, and skilled teachers
  3. delayed justice and human rights concerns for victims of the civil war that began in the 1980s and lasted for two decades
  4. minorities and communities of mixed race face marginalization as well as social and economic discrimination

We care for the poor and needy of Peru by providing physical relief, health care, and education. We stand in solidarity with those we serve, striving to create a more just society.

You can make a difference in Peru.