Sri Lanka

In 1940, the Third Order Regular Franciscans joined with a mission that had been established in Sri Lanka in 1870.

The crisis in Sri Lanka:

  1. the people, economy, and environment are still recovering from the violent 26-year civil war that ended in 2009
  2. institutional and social discrimination remains against the Tamil minority in many places
  3. although the country’s economy has grown, extreme poverty remains prevalent in rural areas
  4. many live in urban slums that lack access to education, sanitation, and security
  5. exploitation of migrant workers

We strive to promote peace and social justice, while caring for those who are affected by poverty. With God’s grace, we are hopeful for the healing of this nation as we work toward economic and social stability.

Pope Francis in Sri Lanka

"Sri Lanka for many years knew the horrors of civil strife, and is now seeking to consolidate peace and to heal the scars of those years. 

 It is no easy task to overcome the bitter legacy of injustices, hostility and mistrust left by the conflict. It can only be done by overcoming evil with good and by cultivating those virtues which foster reconciliation, solidarity, and peace

 The great work of rebuilding must embrace improving infrastructures and meeting material needs, but also, and even more importantly, promoting human dignity, respect for human rights, and the full inclusion of each member of society."

- Pope Francis upon arriving in Sri Lanka, 2015

You can make a difference in Sri Lanka.